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Why We Love Azek Decking

Azek decking is the stuff that keeps your new deck from needing maintenance year after year. More and more of our customers are asking us about building beautiful decks that will both stand as testaments to quality craftsmanship and style, and maintain those qualities without having to invest huge amounts of time and money into them a year or two down the road. To these customers, we recommend using composite materials, and Azek is one of our favorite brands.

One big reason that we use Azek is its built-in style. From the finished project, to individual planks, every piece of material is beautiful. While there is a rustic natural beauty to wood materials, Azek features vibrant, long-lasting color and textures that look natural and even feel nice on bare feet. The materials are more than just high-quality, they have a unique style to them that is inviting to homeowners and their guests alike.

We are also very fond of the sustainability aspect of using composite materials. First, there is no need to tear down another tree to build a deck, instead the Azek materials are made of recyclable plastic composites. Plus, the useful life of the composite materials is as long or better than wood materials, and requires only a fraction of the time, labor and chemicals required to maintain a wood counterpart. Cleaning and maintenance is largely a function of soap and water, not special chemicals that can be leached into the ground.

These decks hold their value too. They last a long time and require little maintenance, and you can believe that a future home buyer will find that just as appealing as you do. Plus, with a few modifications, you can use these decks to create more living spaces when you add things like underdeck ceilings – they hold up to the elements and help create long-lasting outdoor spaces.

If you like the idea of composite but aren’t ready to commit – why not use wood and composite materials together in the same space? Many of our customers either use wood accents, or build the primary support pylons using wood, but build the deck floor with composite material. This is a smart way to get the easy maintenance (and fewer splinters in your feet!) of composite with the beauty of natural wood, and we highly recommend it.

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