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What is it worth?

Alexander Homes, Kansas City Missouri, takes great pride in making sure that you as the consumer are fully aware and knowledgeable about both the projects you want to do and the products you want to use! Whether you are in the greater Kansas City Metro area, Western Olathe or the country side of Smithville, Missouri – we are always excited to hear your questions, concerns and thoughts in moving forward with what you would like to do.

A common question that we are asked is whether or not the investment for a deck or screened in porch will add value to your home. No one wants to put money into a project and feel like it is at a loss, and that there will be no return. The reality is that you cannot look at it as an investment in vs. investment out. Measuring dollar for dollar will not help you make the decision and in some ways it will even hinder it.

To help explain and provide some foresight to what to expect when looking at adding onto your home we caught up with Steve, our favorite Real Estate Agent!

Adding on another room and another bathroom are surely easy to know that they will add value to your home. But, after further discussion with Steve, we found it not to be a simple black and white answer. He wanted to make sure and convey that what you have to remember when looking adding on that deck or screened-in porch is actually how it will attract future/potential buyers for your property If you think that at some point you will want to sell your property, remember that looking at the project you would like to undertake, the more versatile, the better. The value of your home is factored by comparisons in the area, size, the neighborhood and acreage, and yes, these are all things you can weigh out dollar for dollar- but what happens when there needs to be a deciding factor? Yes, you guessed it, that spacious deck or coveted screened-in porch hideaway.

There is just something about watching that sunset from your custom, built to last, deck. A deck that is far unique to you and your moments!

If you have more questions, please make sure to send them our way! We would love to hear them!

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