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Underdeck Ceiling Uses – Pets!

under deck ceiling

There’s another prime use for the space under your deck, a home for your pets! Especially for dogs, the underside of a deck can serve as a shelter that gives pets access to the outdoors with the comforts offered with indoor living. There are a couple ways to accomplish the construction of a home for your pets.

First, we recommend outfitting any raised deck with an unreduced ceiling. This ceiling provides an alternative to the basic spaces in your deck’s woodwork, filling the spaces instead with secured metal just underneath. The metal ceiling is similar to the siding you may have on your home except that it is laid horizontally. The metal pieces connect together to provide a waterproof sheet for the underside of your deck. Water drains to the edges and out through a downspout, keeping the water away from the deck and its underside.

What this means is that you can create a comfy home for your pet outdoors as weak as in. This is a great option for the owner who has to spend a lot of time away from home and the pet. By adding an outdoor space specifically for the pet, it enables owners to leave the pet outdoors for longer periods of time. And, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, adding a dog house isn’t an unreasonable move. A small dog house can help your pet stay safe in a more dangerous weather situation like a snowstorm.

Of course an underdeck ceiling has many uses, and will generally improve the look of a home as well as its value. Pet care is just one potential benefit of having them installed, but you also have the opportunity to use the space for a lot more. We’ve seen homeowners use these spaces as outdoor sitting rooms, additional storage spaces and even temperature controlled home additions.

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