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Under-Deck Ceilings Keep Rain Out

Homeowners with elevated decks often find themselves in a conundrum when it comes to the space underneath the deck. While it may be a useable space, when it rains the water comes through the cracks in the deck above. This means that the space can’t really even be used for storage and it can’t be used be used to keep anything like furniture over the long term. Basically, the space under a deck often goes unused because there is no ideal way to use it. Fear not, there is a solution to this dilemma.
Image of a beautiful terrace
To the rescue come under-deck ceilings! An under-deck ceiling is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a ceiling built up against and attached to the bottom side of a deck. The artificial ceiling is designed with the outdoors in mind, and with the idea of bringing the comforts of your home’s interior to the outside.

The under-deck ceiling diverts water that falls from the deck above out to a special drainage system. Liquids that come into contact with this system are moved to a special drainage gutter on the outside and flow down a downspout. Essentially, it creates an outdoor, open air room that rain can’t disturb. The space under a deck become useable, and even livable with an under-deck ceiling!

When you have one of these systems installed with a current or new deck, you can also elect to add on extras that make the space under a deck even more livable. A ceiling fan and some lighting make the outdoor space feel like a room in your own home. Adding speakers can make it great place to entertain where you don’t have to worry about rain showers dampening your gathering. You could even add mesh screening around the exterior of the new room and a door to make it bug-proof, comfortable and a great place for some extra storage when you’re not using it.

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