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Three Ways to Stop Stress When Remodeling

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Remodels can stress anyone out.

Remodeling can be a stressful time – from the planning through to the clean-up. Loud noise for days or weeks on end is enough to put anyone on edge, not to mention the missing space in your home and the costs. We have a few simple tricks that seem to help homeowners reduce stress and get and make it out the end of the remodel without too much lasting emotional damage.

1. Have a Plan and Stick to It

This simple trick makes everything go more smoothly. When there’s a plan, you always know that there is a light at the end of the construction tunnel. Before you sign any contracts with your remodeler or deck builder, get them to commit to a plan with delivery dates and associate those dates with payments. This creates a big incentive for a remodeler to finish a job on time. Delays may still happen due to unforeseen circumstances, so make sure to have a contingency plan in place with your remodeler as well.

What this does is give you a sense of where the project will be on any given day. Armed with this information, you will feel less anxious about the progress of the job – you already have an agreement in place, and it’s in the contractor’s best interest to stick to it. Just knowing where everything should be makes the whole process much more bearable.

2. Have an Escape Plan

We know remodeling is expensive, but have some kind of escape plan for when it gets to be too much. This can mean a getaway, but we suggest a staycation somewhere nearby. If you’re staying nearby you can check on the progress of the work without having to listen to it and live in it the entire time it’s happening. Think of it as an opportunity to see all the things the Kansas City area has to offer!

When was the last time you visited the Liberty Memorial, or went to enjoy some jazz at 18th and Vine?

3. Create Your Own Worry-Free Space

This is a good idea in any circumstance – create a place that you agree with yourself to not lot worry or stress enter. When you’re in this space, you’re relaxed and not focused on the minutia of remodeling projects or any other stress for that matter. Agree that you’ll come to this place at least once a day for a half hour, and stick to the plan! It might be advisable to create this space far away from whatever remodeling work you’re having done is actually taking place though.

If you plan ahead, you won’t have to stress! It’s that simple!

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