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Three Tips to Prepare Your Deck for Spring and Summer

In the spirit of getting you ready for the spring and fall, and because we’re Overland Park’s coolest deck builders (you know it!), we’re sharing the love as to how to get your deck ready for spring and summer with some pro tips!

1. Hang Some Curtains
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These really aren’t for shade or privacy, they’re for looking good and making your outdoor space really feel like home. For decks that have a screened in porch or a pergola, installing curtains is pretty straightforward. We recommend getting curtains in complementary colors to add some flair – grab a set of swatches from a local hardware store and see how the colors work with your space. You can also always go with a safe, neutral color too if that’s more to your liking.

To install follows pretty standard installation procedures, just make sure to consider wether you want to leave the curtains up all year or just during the warm months. If you plan to leave them up all year, just make sure that you get the kind that are ready to stand up to the elements! Check these out over at JCPenny to get an idea of the kind you might want to install.

2. String Up the Lights

Got a deck that doesn’t have built in lighting? Add your own with some simple string lighting! String lighting rocks when it comes to creating ambiance for everything from a relaxing evening at home to a Fourth of July barbecue. You can run the lights overhead from your house to a pergola or deck rail. If that’s not feasible, even running them from a nearby fence can work well, and can be used in this way to even complement installed deck lighting. Your setup will vary based on your deck’s location relative to your house and yard features, but the principles are the same.

We’ve always said that lighting is an important factor in making a deck really pop, so we highly recommend getting string lighting especially if you don’t have any other!

3. Plants!

We’ve definitely mentioned this before, but we’ll say it again – getting plants onto your deck makes it feel alive. If you’re not including planters and living things in your deck setup, you’re missing out on something that makes it really special.

You can get plants on your deck in a number of ways too. One of our favorites is the hanging planter box with flowers that continually bloom. But if that’s not your style, hit up your local garden center and ask about plants that do well in planters in the summer heat. They will probably even have planters already containing the plants, meaning that all you’ll have to do is take it home, set it outside and maybe water it occasionally. It’s easy and it brings your deck to life!

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