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Three Basement Remodeling Tips

Tired of only having a concrete floor, wood rafters and a dangling lightbulb adorning your basement? It’s sad, we know, but look at it as an opportunity. Step One: figure out what you actually want to do with the space.

Basements are great places to have playrooms, yoga studios, fitness rooms, movie theaters, offices, bars, bedrooms, mancaves, pool rooms and so many more. Knowing why you’re getting the remodel is better than a general use conversion because it adds more value to your home and, when you do decide later that you want something in-home in that space, you don’t have to call the contractor back for a second time to undo work he already did. Of course, there is value in just converting the basement into another comfortable, general use space, but converting it with specific purposes in mind will make your home more livable and save you money in the long run.

Got an idea of what you want? Great, now here are some ideas to make it better than you thought!

Add A Hidden Room
Beautiful house interior design
YUP! Hidden rooms are a crazy cool way to upgrade your home, and if you’re feeling really inspired, there’s definitely a way to make it so that one of those books is connected to the latch for the door. These can be great places for extra storage, private space, offices or to add a real kick when hosting a Sherlock Holmsian murder-mystery dinner.

Get the Details Right
A lights installed in the wall
The devil’s in the details, right? Lighting affects mood and sets the tone for the space. These baseboard lights are a super cool alternative to the traditional nightlight. They actually work well just about anywhere in the home, but they’re perfect for a basement movie theater.

Add A Bathroom

If people are going to use the space, don’t make them trek up the stairs to use the restroom. Adding a bathroom in the basement is a great way to make the space ideal for both entertaining and living.

Make it awesome, make it yours and give it a purpose! Happy remodeling!

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