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The Perfect Grill for the Perfect Deck

Grilling is the a traditional activity of American men and women during summer, often this tradition is held on that most sacred of outdoor spaces, the back deck. In this special place, thousands of pounds of delicious meats, seafoods and vegetables are smoked and cooked to charred perfection. But for those without the proper equipment, watching the neighbors feast on pork chops, hamburgers and steaks while the grillless person nibbles on mere pasta salad.

you’re ready to join the ranks of the backyard grillers, then we have something that will make grilling fun and delicious while making the neighbors jealous. We don’t often recommend brands, but if you’ve never tried the meat made in a Traeger grill, then you don’t know what truly delicious grilled meat is. The combination smoker and grill makes smoked meats that are as moist as unsmoked grilled meats, but with all the flavor of their smoked counterparts.

The Traeger grill uses wood pellets that are specially designed to be fed into the smoker using an automatic electric auger. The pellets burn into great smelling smoke that will permeate the whole neighborhood, and whatever dish you happen to be grilling too. It’s guaranteed to encourage your neighbors to invite themselves over during the summer.

The smoker and grill comes in two different sizes, meaning that you can pick the one that’s perfect for your family and deck. The larger size is big enough to cook two large turkeys at the same time (seriously). Trust us, you won’t be missing out by getting the smaller size. Both make delicious grilled and smoked meats.

Maybe it’s not the top reason for adding a deck onto your home, but lording over all that you see from your elevated grillmaster’s pedestal can be quite an exhilarating experience. If you want to do it, and you want to do it right, go with the Traeger for your backyard grilling and smoking adventures.

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