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The Difference Between A Deck and Screened-In Porch

Recently, we’ve been sorting through all the pictures that we take before we start a job and after it’s finished, and we noticed that some of them were in the wrong category! (gasp!) The person who placed them on our site had been a little confused about wether to classify a structure as a deck or a screened in porch when the pictures seemed to have both. This post is dedicated clearing up this confusion for one and all!

Image of an old beautiful house

Simply put a deck is an open-air area, sometimes with a pergola, that has no additional protection to keep mosquitos or snow out (short of a bug zapper or a kid with a shovel). A screened-in porch has a roof structure above it and screens that keep out the elements and bugs but still lets air pass through easily.

Now, the confusion came from the screened-in porches also seeming to have a deck attached to the outside. In fact though, many of the screened-in porches we build also include some kind of deck attached to the outside. Sometimes we include a few seats on the outdoor deck portion of the screened in porch for people to sit outside. Most homeowners use this outside deck for grilling as it results in less smoke in the screened in room but still lets the delicious barbecue smells through.

Decks and screened in porches are both quality additions that you can make to the back or side of your home. They can even be combined for additional work / cooking space and to add more square footage to a home. Every addition that we make to a home is completely custom, and sometimes that makes them hard to classify! What we can say is that an outdoor home addition in the form of either a deck or a screened-in porch will look great and help you create an outdoor space you’ll use for years to come!

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