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Staining Your Kansas City Deck

Every new Kansas City deck has to face the elements and stand the test of time. In conditions where the transition between hot and cold can be a mere matter of hours, it’s important to maintain your deck!

Staining is the key to keeping it in good shape if you’ve got a wood deck. The type of stain you use has a big impact on the look and how often you need restain the deck. There are a lot of different types of stain to choose from, so here are some basic tips to making the right choice for your deck:

– Decks that look faded from the sun and weather need to be restained, it will help the look and keep the material in good shape.
– Thinner stains will need to be replaced more often than heavier stains.
– Thin stains often appear as a clear coating, many owners choose to stain their newer decks with these to show off the natural beauty of the wood
– Thick stains can be almost paint-like, providing a lot of protection for the deck from the elements and fungi but covering the natural wood color
– Using a sealer can increase the life of one stain by a large factor, use a weatherproof sealer for great result
– Before staining make sure the deck is entirely clean, that all stains are removed using elbow grease and sodium percarbonate
– Use wood brightener before sealing to bring out all of the natural beauty of your Kansas City deck
– How often you use the deck will affect how long the stain will last
Remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to staining material, using inexpensive materials may save you money on the front end, but the time and additional investment you will have to make, perhaps in even less than a year, makes it far more worthwhile to take care of it on the front end

Keep these tips in mind when maintaining your Kansas City deck to give it the longest possible life!

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