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Simple to Make Football Eats to Enjoy on Your Back Deck

A picture of delicious meatballs
All Right Meatballs!

It’s officially football season! We’re into the cooler weather, but not quite into full on fall yet – with only some of the trees starting to turn, there is plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. We recommend combining the outdoors with football viewing, and have several suggestions for food for your outdoor deck viewing party!

The perfect football food setup is simple to set up, easy to eat and pairs perfectly with the snacking habits of those involved. Football fans often snack during the commercials, so keeping portions small is a must, and with only a limited time to enjoy the creations, they have to be exceedingly tasty as well.

Remember that we’re planning a deck viewing party here, and that means you’ll need plenty of warm snacks incase guests get chilly in the fall air. A couple of crowd pleasing favorites that are easy to make and feed the whole party include grilled sausages and kielbasa, garlic bread, wings and meatballs. Each is tasty, warm and perfect for grabbing during a timeout!

While we’re certainly meat lovers, it doesn’t mean that everybody is. Hot cheeses make for perfect dipping sauces and can be really easy to make with a crock pot. Plus you can add a lot of different ingredients like red bell peppers, jalapeños and beans to your cheese to create a pretty tonge-tingling treat that’s uniquely yours. Breads are another easy way to snack that can be a somewhat healthier snack. Garlic break with a couple of different kinds of cheeses melted onto it is guaranteed to have them coming back for more.

It’s the last of the warm weather for a while, so it’s time to get outside and enjoy it. There’s no better time than when you’re surrounded by friends with beautiful fall weather! Make some chow for the gang, move the TV outside and get to cheering like an old pro!

Need more football food ideas and recipes? Here’s a list of 32 more!

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