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Shawnee Deck Builders Using Unique Features

If you want to have the coolest Shawnee deck, you need to step your game up a notch and add on some accents or features. These can be as simple as lighting features, or as complex as full jacuzzis.

Great Shawnee decks are both beautiful and feature rich. When you’re putting together your idea for how you want your deck to look you should consider more than just the bare materials and the coating, how can you add something that makes yours totally unique? Shawnee deck builders are offering more and more options to choose from, and we can accommodate all types of requests.

Adding a screen around your deck, or even part of your deck, makes it shadier during the warm summer months when you want to be outside. During inclement weather, you can still your screen in porch when it’s warm and save yourself the hassle of having to shovel your deck when it snows. Plus, when your deck is covered you can also install lighting, sound systems and overhead fans to keep it cool and well-ventilated.

Think about the kinds of experiences you want to enjoy and that you want to create around you, think about the kinds of people you are going to invite into the space. Maybe a pergola or a spiral staircase would create the tone you seek, and a sounds system can always help set the tone for a barbecue or a relaxing evening with your partner.

Even if you haven’t figured out exactly what you need, or you think you need to talk to some Shawnee deck builders to get a better idea, get in touch with Alexander Homes. We build beautiful, unique decks throughout the Kansas City area that are designed to make your dream of a perfect home much more complete. If you’re thinking about building or refurbishing a deck, talk to the guys with the best warranty in the KC metro, Alexander Homes!

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