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Refinishing a Stained Deck

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Spending time outside on your deck can be a great source of relaxation and a fun place to entertain and enjoy family time. But like your indoor living space, your outdoor living space needs maintenance and upkeep to keep it in tip-top shape and preserve it for the future.
Refinishing your wood deck is a great way to protect and extend the life of your deck and boost its visual appeal when spend time there.

These steps provide a outline of the tasks you’ll need to plan:

Give your deck a good cleaning to remove any debris with a broom or power blower.

You will need to begin by inspecting your deck to locate any split or rotting boards. These will need to be replaced before you begin refinishing.

If you deck has a transparent or semi-transparent coating, you can merely clean it with a good wood deck cleaner. This should remove mildew stains and the ultra-violet bleaching of the wood, as well as clean the wood of dirt and deposits.

If you need more cleaning, perform a safe power washing. You can see detailed instructions for this on our previous blog.

Power washing may cause splinters because the wood fibers expand with washing and remain raised. Sanding will knock down these splinters and create an optimal surface for staining.
There are many different tools and grits of sandpapers to choose from, so you’ll want to look into your options and desired results before you get started.

The deck must be dry for two days before you apply any stain because absorbed water in the wood will prevent the absorption of oil stain.

Stains and sealants offer many options with separate products or combinations. Transparent stains allow you to see the grain of the wood to show through, while an opaque stain will provide coverage like paint. You can test the color you’d like on an unseen part of your deck because the color of stain when dried may be different than the brochure. Used stain or sealer that is water repellent, and avoid clear finishes such as polyurethane or varnish because the can degrade under the sun’s rays. There are many different tools to choose from for applying stain and sealant on the main portion of your deck, and for applying to small areas and trim boards.

Now it’s time to responsibly clean up oily/flammable rags, and ENJOY your deck!

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