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Recycling Old Overland Park Decks

We use fine woods and composite materials when we build Overland Park decks. Wood is a fine material that is naturally strong and also long-lasting. When we tear out old decks for replacement, we remove tons of wood, never to be seen again by the home owner.

But what happens to wood when it’s gone past the end its useful life? Of course, it could be trashed, but there are better ways that actually recycle the timber for later use.

Recycled timber is perhaps the most environmentally friendly material to use when building a structure. As opposed to chopping down more trees for wood, recycled timber uses beams, planks and other structures taken from other buildings where the piece of wood is no longer serving its purpose. After removal, the wood is cleaned to reduce the possibility of rot and parasites, and depending on the use, it is refinished.

While it is easier to just discard wood, recycling the timber is much better for the planet. It takes a fair amount of time to make sure not to damage the reusable parts, and even to identify them in the first place. The result however can be a very rustic, fine looking space when using recycled timber.

One of the other possibilities for the wood that used to be your deck is that it will be turned into wood chips. Wood chips are great as they can be used for mulches, playground padding material and even to produce energy. After chipping, some power plants are capable of burning the wood to generate power.

One ton of wood that is recycled saves around 18,000 BTUs of energy. Also, it can be used for interesting art projects around the home, from picture frames to serving trays! We love versatile materials, especially when you can do so much with them!

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