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Planning with Leawood Deck Builders

Leadwood deck builders know that decks are built only when homeowners have a plan. Adding on a deck to a home is an investment and should ultimately be treated as a part of a home remodel.

Planning should start a few months before you want to have the deck built, and there are a few basic considerations every homeowner should make before proceeding. First, what’s the purpose of the space? This seems like an obvious question, but there are so many things you can do with a deck that it’s actually kind of tricky. Do you want to be in the sunshine, or do you prefer a screened-in porch, or even a combination of the two? Do you want lighting or even a hot tub installed? How large do you want the deck to be and how much space do you have?

Once you’ve answered some of the basics, getting in touch with a trusted Leawood deck builder like Alexander Homes is the next step. Together we will build a plan and turn your ideas into a vision. We take measurements and sketch out what the deck is going to look like and get your approval. Once you’re satisfied with the plan, we set a date to start the build.

Planning earlier in the year is always a good bet, it gives you time to prepare for the build and allows us to schedule for the time that suits your needs, be that in early spring so it’s ready for the warm sunny months ahead or in the summer during a time when you’re out of town so you don’t have to deal with construction workers and noise.

When Alexander Homes has a plan in place, our Leawood deck builders finish the build in about a week. Give us a call and one of our planning specialists will visit your home and help you get a plan in place to build or remodel your deck!

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