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Every person who owns a home becomes a handyman. If we didn’t, we would be too poor to own the home because of the cost of the general upkeep, let alone home improvements. At the same time, most of us wouldn’t claim to be structural engineers and know when we need to call a real professional for major construction or repair work. Most homeowners could also repair and install more than they think, if given the proper advice and direction for the given task.

Fortunately, there are resources out there to help those seeking to become the greatest handymen and women possible! A newer website that is really growing in popularity among contractors and DIY-ers is called This community is specifically set up to answer questions and share opinions about construction and repair. There have been sites like this before for professionals, but rarely have they encouraged people taking on projects themselves to ask or answer questions. Getting involved in this community means that you have a place to go when you need a second opinion, advice on the difficulty level of a repair or even which tool is best for the job. Plus, participants earn points be making posts and contributing articles that they can redeem for free tools and apparel.

We encourage all of our customers who look for deck upgrades to check out Pinterest. This community is all about creativity and sharing the most creative and interesting ways of doing things on the web and in real life. What you’ll find a lot of at Pinterest is inspiration mixed with direction. A lot of the things shared at Pinterest are sets of directions, and it’s surprising how easy it is to build things like deck boxes for plants. Don’t be afraid to share what you find on Pinterest as well, it’s how you show the community that you prefer to contribute to the conversation too.

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