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Olathe Deck Builders Using Rain-Out Under Deck Ceilings

One of the more popular trends in home building right now is to include a walk-out basement underneath a deck. This effectively doubles the amount of outdoor space homeowners can use, and can create spaces that are perfect for hosting parties or just for getting out of the elements. But how do you stay dry on the underside of a deck when it’s raining?
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The best Olathe deck builders are now using under deck ceilings to transform outdoor patios into outdoor living spaces that are usable even during inclement weather. Alexander Decks uses locally owned and produced Rain-Out brand under deck ceilings for two reasons: we like to keep it local and the special rainwater drainage system built into the ceilings.

Normally, rainwater drips down between the cracks in the deck boards. The Rain-Out system features powder-coated interlocking aluminum ceiling planks that catch the rain as it falls and directs it to an in-deck gutter system and downspout. The result is a dry outdoor space no matter the weather on the topside of your Olathe deck.

Powder coating is a special process that is much more beautiful, reliable and durable than painting or similar exterior coatings. Instead of applying a coating of liquid material that binds to the surface of another material (like paint on wood), the powder coating is applied as a solid powder. It is sprayed onto the surface of an object and holds onto the metal electromagnetically until it is heated to it’s melting and curing points, near 400º F. It can only be removed using specialized techniques and dangerous chemicals. Water, for example, will have no impact on its durability.

Olathe deck builders know how tough the region’s weather can be on all decks. That’s why Alexander Decks uses the Rain-Out system to ensure the long life and unmatched durability.

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