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New Remodel in Lee’s Summit

The Alexander team is working on a project remodeling a basement over in Lee’s Summit this holiday season. This new home’s unfinished basement is going to be turned into a downstairs living space. These pictures show how the basement looks right now, before we get into the renovations.

For this home we’ve designed the layout for the new basement. It’s going to be a completely different place when we’re finished in about a month! We will separating the space by adding three new rooms, including a storage area, a bedroom and a bathroom.

In the bedroom, we are planning to install an egress window directly in the foundation for safety and to allow light. The homeowner will also have us install a bar area with custom-made cabinetry. We will open up the area where the stairwell enters the basement, giving the whole space a more open feel and bringing the basement closer to the rest of the home.

Check back to see what the house looks through every step of the process, we’ll be posting new pictures as we finish various portions of the basement. Head over to Facebook to see some of our other work and the latest project updates as they happen.

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More reviews will be posted here soon. Please check back next time.

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