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Mixing and Matching Different Sorts of Deck Materials

Differing materials used together create different effects and work well with varying senses of aesthetic. When two different materials with similar but differing qualities are used together the effect can be particularly striking. We recently completed a screened-in-porch in south Overland Park that did just this, combining durable, long-lasting cedar with low-maintenance, weather-resistant composite decking.
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The cedar on the exterior looks great and smells great. It provides the structural elements of the deck and is how the deck appears from the outside, looking almost like solid cedar. However, on the inside of the screen and just outside the exterior doorway, composite material makes up the majority of the deck floor. Those composite boards are really perfect the constant foot traffic that a deck entails. Composite has the advantage of being very easy to clean, not generally requiring power washing for all but the most extreme stains.

When it comes to materials working well together, there is the functionality aspect and the form aspect. While function is the critical piece required for the structure to stand and support weight, why would anyone even have a deck or screened-in porch installed in his or her home if it doesn’t also look appealing. Picking appealing materials that coordinate well with one another is a key aspect of successful deck design.

Picture of wooden stair
These homeowners are seeking to create a Colorado-like backyard escape in their neighborhood of Carriage Crossing. Instead of using wood pylons to hold the weight of the structure, they used natural stone coupled with natural looking composite materials. Soon, they are also planning to install a fire pit. That natural stone pairs so well with the natural-looking deck that it’s hard not to feel like you’re gotten lost in the woods, not a subdivision in south-east Johnson County. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try the material combinations that work best for you.

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