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Midway Point in Lee’s Summit Basement Remodel [w/ pics]

Last week we reach what we would call the “midway point” in the basement remodel over in Lee’s Summit area. We captured some images to show off how the work is progressing.

Now the basement is really starting to take shape as an actual living space! We’ve finished all the drywalling and have divided the space into separate rooms. We have added in a ceiling over the entire space and installed lighting. Both features are necessary for making the space actually useable.

The basement bedroom has now been added. To do this, we added additional wood and drywall to divide it from the rest of the basement. To give it all the comforts it needs and the safety it requires, we made sure to add an appropriately sized closet, along with an egress window. The egress window serves as an exit point in case of emergencies and gives the room natural light, making it a much better space for living.

All of the home’s central air conditioning systems and water heater have been separated from the rest of the basement, but are still accessible through a new door. One might think that drywalling off so much of the space would make it seem more cramped, but it actually makes it feel like it has more purpose, and you don’t even miss the space taken up by the new rooms.

One of the biggest things we’ve done is tear out the door and part of the wall that separated the basement from the rest of the home. It is now an open area, and this makes the basement feel like an extension of the living room upstairs. Because it’s not hidden away behind a door, it makes it a much more inviting place – it would be a perfect place to host a party. We have just finished installing the shower, and the toilet will be installed soon as well, making this basement great for both living and hosting.

The home’s original designers did a great job of adding in large basement windows that let in lots of natural light and connect the basement with the back patio – perfect for summertime celebrations. Soon, this space will also include cabinetry and a bar area, which again could make this house the place to be when it comes to enjoying warm summer evenings with friends.

We’ll keep posting images as we take them. We should be done with the project completely, save for a few finishing touches, in the next month or so!

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