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Matching and Pairing Colors

Matching colors, it’s a trick. In our business, we spend a lot of time trying to match exact colors, trying to find colors that complement others extremely well and finding colors that appeal to our customer. There is no easy way to go about it, especially since balancing any two of these items can be tricky enough! Over the years though, we’ve developed a few tricks for matching and pairing color. Today we’re going to share three tips that may you find the right matches for your Kansas City area home.

Tip One: Learn About Color, Use a Color Wheel
Color picker in circle
Color is actually a complex field of study. Specialists can help you match colors that create feelings and different energy patterns that work for your aesthetic. While these services are surely valuable, most people don’t seek a color guru or even a designer, they just need to know how to make reasonable, workable color decisions. Understanding color basics can help immensely on this search.
Complementary colors are directly opposed to each other on the color wheel, and can make pleasing accents to each other. However, we find that for projects involving a lot of painting, it’s best to stick with analogous colors, which are the colors right next to one another on the color wheel. These slight modifications in color tone can create interesting color harmonies that preserve the feeling of a space without losing the continuity of the primary color.

Tip Two: Painting Isn’t Always the Answer

Think that you have to paint to create an interesting space? You don’t. Instead of painting an entire space, consider the way that you decorate the space and the colors that are used for this purpose. Objects used for decoration can be just as powerful as permanent fixtures. In throw pillows, blankets, watering cans, grill covers, etc. you can create add the accents and the energy without all the hassle.

Tip Three: Use Exact Matches

Don’t be afraid to use a matching color too for the purposes of decoration or painting. Using a color that matches the overall room color can create a story just as interesting as using a complementary or analogous color. You just have to try it and see what works for you and for the space!

If you’ve lost the original paint and mixture formula for the exact color match it shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks to modern technology, most hardware stores and specialty paint stores are able to match colors nearly exactly. The machines they use measure color and mix the paint themselves, taking human error out of the equation. Just take a sample of the color that you want to match into the hardware store and ask for them to color match the paint.

Learning about color and applying it to your home, your deck and your patio can really make it a special place. Don’t hesitate to play with color and see how it makes you feel while you’re enjoying your favorite outdoor space!

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