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Looking Back, Looking Forward

It’s warming up outside, and our money is on deck season being here to stay! Homeowners in Overland Park are starting to head outside for the comfort of warmer weather in the outdoors, and there’s no better time to get your deck installed, or have an old deck removed and replaced.

Last year, we worked on a deck in Kansas City that was rotted so badly the homeowners were afraid to step foot on it. Our photographer told us that while he stood on steps of this deck, the entire thing actually swayed away from the wall it was connect to. Needless to say, he decided that taking pictures from ground level was probably a safer idea.
Picture of a beautiful house
Picture of unused stairs
These homeowners decided that it was finally time to get the dangerous eyesore rebuilt, and what we designed and built for them was not only gorgeous, but left our photographer feeling much safer than when he first visited the house!

Split Level Deck with Patio

Composite & Authentic Wood

We think the pictures speak for themselves here. We build the highest quality decks and home additions in the Kansas City area, and our customers love working with us because every project is constructed to fit a plan developed specifically for each home. No cookie cutter designs, only genuine, artisan craftsmanship.

We’ve got even more projects in the works for this spring, we’ll be sharing more pictures and stories right here at our blog and in our portfolio. Check back often for more inspiring images and homes from across Kansas City.

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More reviews will be posted here soon. Please check back next time.

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