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Liberty Deck Builders and Warranties

Getting a new deck shouldn’t be risky. If your Liberty deck builder doesn’t offer a warranty, think twice before you hire them!

It seems like a no-brainer, when you buy something new, you expect a period of time where the product should be free of defects. But so many Liberty deck builders either don’t offer, or only offer short term warranties on their work beyond completion of the construction period. A short-term warranty is not good enough when you’re talking about a capital investment like a new Liberty deck! It doesn’t give you the time you need to make sure that the deck isn’t sinking, that screws aren’t popping out and that harder to detect damage isn’t taking place!

Alexander offers a two year warranty on every new deck. This warranties against workmanship and construction defects that cause things like loose boards, loose railings and sinking posts. When you go with Alexander, you’re getting one of the best decks in the Liberty area, and one of the best guarantees in the business.

Getting a deck installed in not only a big investment, it can also be distractingly loud as it’s installed and messy. Picking a company that guarantees its work for two years means that you’re getting a deck care partner, a team that wants to work with you for the health and beauty of your home. We take extra care to accommodate your needs, because we plan to work with you again – wether it’s on your next home remodel, or just to answer your questions and help you maintain your new deck.

Our Liberty deck builders work throughout the Kansas City metro area, and offer our guarantee whenever we provide a service or build a deck. Go with people you can trust (just ask us for our references), and who provide the best guarantee around!

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