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Lee’s Summit Deck Builders Add to Home Value

A question we often get is about the value of adding a deck onto a home. While a deck is certainly a big investment, does that investment pay for itself in the long run when you want to sell the house?

This is actually a tricky questions to answer. Your Lee’s Summit deck builder will certainly plan to build you something that you can enjoy for years to come, but in a lot of cases it comes down to what type of neighborhood you plan to build.

If none of the neighboring houses have a deck, it can really make a home stand apart from the others. Not only does a lee’s summit deck provide an outdoor gathering space, but it can be one of the most beautiful things about the home. In this case, it certainly adds a level of appeal that can’t be matched by neighboring homes. On the flip side of this, if a house is located in a neighborhood where nearly every home has a deck and a house doesn’t, that house is actually likely to lose some of it’s intrinsic value.

A bigger, nicer deck can also add to the curb appeal of a given home, it may be the thing that gets people interested in taking a look at one house over another. Generally speaking, while the buying decision isn’t made on the basis of the deck alone, it certainly can play a significant role in influencing the final decision.
A beautiful architectural design
The actual value of a home usually increases by about what was actually spent on the deck (less depreciation). This makes a deck a reasonable investment no matter what kind of home you have. But really, the biggest reason you should consider getting a deck is because you want to create an outdoor space, a place to wow guests and enjoy every day.

If you love your deck, it will show through in the value of your home, and since it adds most of its value directly on to the value of the home there’s no good reason not to get one! Contact your Lee’s Summit deck builders, Alexander Decks, if you’re interested in increasing your home’s value and creating a space that the whole family can enjoy.

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