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Kansas City Deck Builders Don’t Stop for Winter

Kansas City’s deck builders don’t quit just because it’s getting cool out again!

While decks seem like the place to be during the warmer months, people forget that the winter months are the best time of year to have a deck built. Firstly, because winter is a slower time of year for most Kansas City deck builders, we can usually complete your build on a schedule that works best for you. Unlike during the summer, you’re not missing out on time you could have spent outdoors while the construction is under way.
A winter day in cansas
We honestly don’t mind working when it’s cold out! We generally complete builds more quickly during fall and even in wintertime. When it’s cool outside our crew can work harder, take fewer breaks and finish more projects ahead of schedule because they don’t have to contend with the blistering heat! Building the best Kansas City decks takes a lot of energy, and the wintertime is a much-welcomed reprieve from the usual summer build season.

Even if you’re not ready to actually have a deck built yet, it’s also a great time to get a plan in place for what you want. One factor that causes us the most delays is last-minute changes to designs. We build custom Kansas City decks, and that means we have to make sure every piece is ordered and delivered before we can finish the build. The more advance notice you can provide in terms of what you want built and which materials you plan to use, the more time we have to make sure it’s ordered and delivered on time.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact just because it’s fall or winter! We build decks throughout the entire year and yours can be next. Having it built during the time that you might least want to use it, actually makes the most sense. We will help you plan your build, pick out the right materials and get it done on time and within your budget. Call and save us from having to work when it’s swelteringly hot out, get a new deck this winter!

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