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Getting the Right Stuff for a New Deck Kansas City Style: Composite or Wood?

Your sitting outside having a drink with your neighbor, it’s a warm summer night at sunset and you’re sitting on his brand new, mahogany-colored wood deck. It’s created the space for your families to gather outside during these perfect evenings, and now it’s leading you to thinking of getting one for your own home.

If you’ve had this experience then maybe you’re ready to start planning for getting your own Kansas City deck. After you’ve made the decision to get one, maybe with an idea of how it might look already in your head, it’s time to start thinking about the materials you want to use.

The Right Stuff: Composite or Wood?

There are two basic types of decking material: composite and wood. Many have preconceptions about which is better than the other, but in truth, it all depends on the quality of the materials that you choose, what you like, your budget, and the environment where you live. Both materials can offer long life, minimal maintenance and excellent aesthetics when properly selected.


Composite is a blend of natural wood particles and plastic, and it is available in solid and hollow planks. Hollow planks tend to be less expensive but are capable of holding water which can lead to decomposition. Because they’re hollow though, they also tend to expand and contract less often than their solid cousins. The solid planks tend to to feel more solid and more often evoke a feeling of authentic wood.

A composite deck will often be more expensive new than a wood deck, especially after you get all the extras you need like UV protection and scratch resistant surfacing. But the savings come in when you start to think about upkeep.

Composite usually requires less maintenance than it’s wooden counterpart, often in the form of scrubbings and power washings. Most of these materials are not designed to be painted, so taking care to protect them from fading and being filled with water is essential (and why you should get the extra protections up front!).


Wood is classic, offers a variety of different looks and feels, along with different maintenance requirements depending on your choice of wood. No matter what kind you get, you will need clean it just like the composite (though you can’t use a pressure washer on it like you can the composite), and to stain and seal the deck about once every three years to keep it from rotting and keep it looking in good condition.

Selecting a cedar deck can offer both beauty and that great scent only cedar produces, plus it’s less likely to rot. The drawback is that this type of wood doesn’t work well, and tends to break down, in more moist conditions.

Higher end decks like mahogany hold up well to all the elements and don’t often break down from being exposed. If you’ve got the budget for it, these kinds of decks really deliver on the promise of value and long term satisfaction.

Whatever you decide to go with, Alexander Homes is here to help you build it. Decking Kansas City for more than seven years, we know all of the best materials to use and would love to discuss turning your vision for your perfect home into a reality.

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