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Fire Pits for the Back Yard

backyard fire pits

Fire pits are an easy and fun way to make any backyard a gathering place for your friends and neighbors. Depending on the city where you live, you may be able to have a fire pit right on your back patio or further in your back yard.

We highly recommend fire pits because they look great, create a space for people to gather and are surprisingly easy to install yourself or with the help of your family. Before you get started, make sure to check the regulations for your city regarding fire pits – some Kansas City area municipalities count a fire pit as an open fire, so unlike a barbecue grill, they must be placed at least a certain distance away from your home (however, covering the pit with screen can change it’s status to an enclosed fire).

First, pick out the spot where you’d like to install the fire pit. Make sure it meets with the regulations, and find a spot that is already level in the yard. If you can’t find a level spot that you like, you can level it out yourself using special types of sand. Next, pick out your fire pit and have it delivered. You can always bring it home yourself, but fire pits are heavy so be careful. Your pit will likely come to your home as a palette of rounded concrete slabs.

Assemble your fire pit in a ring using any recommended adhesives. Fill the base with sand or gravel (fire resistant gravel) and get some firewood to start enjoying your fire pit! The whole process should take a half hour to an hour, with the most difficult part being getting the ground prepared if it isn’t already.

Don’t miss out, complement your new deck with the right fire pit and start enjoying the outdoors all year round!

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