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Fall Deck Building Season on the Horizon

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This family had us build their deck in the fall so it would be ready when next season starts!

Well, it’s been a beautiful long summer and fall! How exciting that it all came to a conclusion with a World Series win by the Kansas City Royals! But now it’s time to settle back in for the conclusion of fall and the beginning of winter. If there’s one thing we always count on, it’s that the weather will get colder and people will be spending less time outdoors.

Our busiest season, as you can imagine is late spring through summer. While that seems to make sense with people thinking about and enjoying being outdoors again, it also means that we’re busy building or replacing decks for people who would rather be actually using them! So our question of the day is: why build a deck in the summer when you want to be using it already when you can build it during the wintertime when it’s chilly and you don’t want to be outside anyway?

Sure, it’s probably just a mindset thing – people just aren’t thinking about getting a deck built when they’re busy thinking about turkeys and gift-giving. But that’s part of why it’s also the perfect time for an outdoor home improvement project!

When you work with us, we draw up the plans, get your approval and make it happen – the whole process is pretty painless. While you prep for the holidays inside, we build you a deck that you’ll be proud to talk to your friends and neighbors about. When the season warms back up, or when you feel like having a warm cup of coffee on your new deck in the winter, you’ll be set.

Because we get so busy in the springtime, sometimes we have to put off builds until mid-summer. We’d love to get to every deck right away, but sometimes it’s just not feasible. The late fall and winter seasons are great times to get a deck built, not only do you not have to wait, but you don’t miss any precious time outdoors when the weather is actually nice again!

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