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Deck Safety this Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is, understandably, a lot of people’s favorite holiday. What’s not to like in the middle of summer about barbecue, fireworks, pool parties and an extra day off? Not much! That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to have a great time and be safe this Fourth of July.

For homeowners, remember that fire doesn’t really mix well with decks or houses for that matter. Fireworks really are explosives, and one thing that anyone who plans to celebrate with fireworks (or has neighbors who are) should have on hand is a garden hose and a bucket of water. We’re not saying that the four year old next door with the sparkler is irresponsible . . . okay, that’s exactly what we’re saying. The trick to you and your property surviving fourth of July is to always be prepared.

Keep in mind that things like unattended grills and candles can start fires too. Don’t leave the grill running all night! Turn it off or put it out when you’re done – that way you can focus on being safe with explosives instead of having to split your attention between two different hazards! It also never hurts to have a bag of sand around for stubborn fires (like lit sparklers).

What we do recommend is sitting outside with friends and family, enjoying what is hopefully gorgeous weather and one of our favorite seasons. Most of all, have a happy, safe, fun and awesome fourth of July!

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