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Deck Building: Three Things Liberty Homeowners Need to Know

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It’s finally summer, and you’re finally ready to have the deck built onto your home. You’ve got an idea of what you want, and you’re starting to envision your family and you enjoying the sunshine and warm evenings outdoors. If you’re ready to start the process, there are thee things you should know before calling your Liberty deck builder.

1. You May Need a Permit

Many cities require even private residential buildings to get a permit before making major structural changes to it. In Liberty, some decks must get a permit before construction is allowed to begin. Any deck that will measure 30 inches above grade (basically, the ground) is required to be permitted. Alexander Decks takes care of this step for its clients, as this requires the filing on the plot plan and the building plans for the structure being added.

The reason permitting is required in Liberty is to maintain the safety of all structures. It stops contractors from building inferior or dangerous structures, and preserves the safety of homeowners and their property. For example, a raised deck must be safe to walk on because the home needs necessary escape routes should a fire break out inside.

2. Work with a Local

Working with a local contractor helps spur economic growth in Liberty and means that you’re working with someone who likely lives in the same community. Aside from the economic benefit to everyone, this also helps you keep your contractor accountable for the work they performed. Contractors want to do their best work for their neighbors because they know that building high-quality, lasting decks and homes is how they build a great customer base. Plus, they know the local regulations for deck building better than someone from outside the area.

Should any problems actually arise, they’re right near by to asses the situation and help you resolve it. Most contractors can work with your needs as well, whatever they may be, so there should be no need to look too far from your community or metro to find the right people for you.

3. You’re Limited Where You Can Put Your Deck

In Liberty there are a couple of additional requirements that may limit the size or location of a deck. Decks must be set back at least 7 feet from the side yard of a home, and have at least 24 feet of rear yard setback. The ground underneath the deck must be appropriate for building as well. Any pier driven into the ground in decks over 30 in. must penetrate at least 3 feet down and bear weight in undisturbed soil.

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