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Deck Accents in Liberty

Deck accents are the little touches that make a big difference to those adding a new deck onto their homes or looking for ways to make their current deck more appealing to themselves, family and friends. Deck accents come in all shapes, colors and with varied functions, so let’s cover some of the more common accents you might add to make your deck pop.

1. Seating

A beautiful balcony

Seating is kind of (read, REALLY) important when it comes to the comfortability of your deck. This can be an accent, but it is really an essential piece of most back yard paradises. Seating can come in the form of deck chairs and a table purchased from just about any grocery store or hardware store (at the right time of year), all the way to novel built-in seating.

Especially lately, home-owners who have chosen to build low-to-the-ground decks have also had special in-deck seating areas installed. These double in purpose as both a low guard rail and a place to relax! Installations like these also tend to complement patio furniture quite well, serving a great place for plants to live and grow.

2. A Patio

Having a patio with a deck is a really nice touch. For many families, this is a great option because the kids need a place to play and the patio can fill that role! The simple concrete slab patio works great as a basketball court or as a dry-off spot after playing in the sprinkler.

For those looking to really make a statement with a patio, natural stone might be the best option. Natural stone looks beautiful year-round and lasts for a very long time. The price point may be somewhat higher than for concrete, but you’ll want to walk on these types of installation barefoot!

3. Lighting

This is probably our favorite accent. Lighting sets the mood and gets people feeling comfortable. Classy accent lighting can be just the thing to make a deck really relaxing, for both owners and guests. We recommend permanent accent lighting installations with automatic sensors for on/off times, plus additional string lighting for when you’re having company or hosting any kind of gathering.

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