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Seamless Guttering

Professional Seamless Guttering

pretty spacious cottageSeamless gutters are a necessary part of almost all Kansas City area homes. Thanks to the elements we face in the midwest like heavy rain and snow, our homes need the protection offered by quality seamless guttering systems.

What are seamless gutters and how are they different from regular gutters?

This is a question homeowners frequently have. Basically, it means that our gutters are attached as one piece without any breaks between segments. Regular gutters are attached in segments using metal seams. The metal seams mean that some of the water is likely to leak from the gutters, often causing it to pool around your foundation and ground level windows. Since seamless gutters are a single, solid piece, there are no opportunities for leaks to develop in the first place saving you the potential costs of foundation repair or water damage to your basement.

Also, seamless gutters don’t expand and contract during heating and cooling, meaning that you’ve got even less potential for a leak to develop. Since we use composite metals to form the gutters to your particular home, they are perfectly matched to your home’s needs and provide a lightweight yet strong guttering solution for your home.

What else can I get to protect my gutters?

We recommend that every customer consider adding gutter guards to every guttering system. These help to keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters, mean that you are far less likely to need gutter cleaning services in the future (even if you do, gutter guards make the cleaning process easy). Especially in older Overland Park and Mission neighborhoods where the trees are often taller than the homes, keep falling leaves out of gutters is both difficult and very important. Since seamless gutters don’t leak, if you see water coming over the side, it’s because of a backup in the downspout. Getting gutter guards stop this from happening, saving you time and money.

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What are the other benefits of proper guttering?

Wood rot can be a big problem for home owners, and during a gutter replacement is the ideal time to get wood rot that often forms behind gutters repaired. This stops mold from growing, increases home value and gives us the best points to attach your new gutters. During winter, having proper guttering can help stop ice damming. When ice near the top of the roof melts from sunlight, it flows to the bottom and often refreezes forming dangerous icicles and potentially causing roof damage to the under, unseen side of your roof material.

How much does it cost for a new gutter system?

For the average Kansas City area or Overland Park home, a new guttering system will cost between $750 and $1500. This is only a rough estimate. Each home is different and the cost for your home may be above or below these amounts. For a quote for your home, please contact us and we’ll get you more information on adding new gutter onto your home.