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Mulch and Gravel

Overland Park Mulch and Gravel Delivery

bark mulchWe deliver mulch and gravel to your home and install it so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Mulch and gravel aren’t just a part of landscaping, they’re the very foundation of it. When your mulch or gavel is properly placed, all the rest of the landscaping comes together. It serves as the backdrop for everything else that you do, and getting the right product is critical to the success of the overall landscape scheme.

Truly though, it can be a pain to install on your own. You’ve got to have the right vehicle, with the right hauling capacity and place to carry the messy products. Mulch and gravel aren’t particularly light either and can cause muscle strains if you’re not prepared to do the lifting. Then, the actual installation requires more lifting, crouching and spreading.

Gravel on a beachWe’ll pick out the right product for you, make sure you like it and deliver it using our trucks right to your home. We do the lifting, we do the installation and we do it right. All plants will be treated with the proper delicacy and we will follow any special instructions that you may have.

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