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Announcing Mulch and Gravel Delivery

A group of brown stoneA group of stone.
Sure, we’re deck builders, but that just means we already have all of the equipment we need to make delivering gravel and mulch to your Overland Park, Independence, Olathe, Shawnee, Lee’s Summit or Kansas City area home a breeze! That’s right, we’re now offering delivery and installation services for mulch and gravel anywhere in the Kansas City metro area.

It can be a real pain to get mulch and gravel to your home. When you shop at a garden store or a hardware store, you can probably find the type of gravel or mulch that you want, but the next step is getting it where you want it. This means that you have to have the right kind of vehicle, or that you have to rent one, or that you have to ask friends and neighbors for help. We think that’s a lot of hassle for something as simple as gravel and mulch, and that’s why we’re bringing it directly to you, our loyal customers.

Plus, lets face it, bags of mulch and gravel aren’t light weight. When you hire us to deliver and install it for you, you don’t have to deal with all of the heavy lifting when you load it into your car. You don’t have to deal with it when you unload it from your car. You don’t have to deal with multiple trips to the store to get more (also meaning more lifting). And, with our installation services, you don’t have to spend hours hunched over trying to avoid getting pricked by your bushes – we take care of all the hard work for you.

You’ve seen the caliber of the decks we build, now give us a chance to show you how amazing your landscaping can look, and how little effort it takes on your part to make it look great! See our Mulch and Gravel delivery page for more information.

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