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Now Offering Seamless Guttering

Kansas City Seamless GutteringAlexander Decks is proud to announce that it’s now offering seamless guttering installations! When your home needs gutters installed or to have old gutters replaced, we’ve got the machines and the know-how to install them on your home.

Seamless gutters offer a big advantage over the do-it-yourself installation in that they’re custom milled for your house. This means that they are cut as single pieces before they’re attached to the house, not placed in several equal length pieces. Without any joins between segments, there is far less potential for leaks or rust to develop. Seamless gutters offer more structural integrity than their non-seamless counterparts that consumers often buy at hardware stores.

While gutter can be done on one’s own, it is safer and better in many ways to have a contractor install them on your home. First, think about how long it will take you to actually install gutters yourself. You’ll have to spend lots of time reading how to install them, you’ll have to go to the hardware store and select the right products, purchase the tools to take out the old gutters and install the new ones, and then you’ll have to deal with disposal of the old gutter system when you’re actually finished. None of that though compares to the fact that you’ll also have to be spending quality time up a ladder or on the roof. Plus, you still can’t get the best kind of gutters for self-installation!

Unless you’re a pro, there are a lot of reasons why you would want to hire a contractor to climb the ladders and do the installations for you. You’re going to end up getting a better product and saving yourself a lot of time. In the end the cost in the time you’re going to spend doing it is going to far outstrip what you would have spent just having a contractor do it. Plus, the seriously increased potential for injury should serve as a deterrent.

With our experience in home renovations, and in removing and attaching new decks on to our client’s homes, we think guttering services are the perfect complement to what we are already offering our partners.

New Remodel in Lee’s Summit

The Alexander team is working on a project remodeling a basement over in Lee’s Summit this holiday season. This new home’s unfinished basement is going to be turned into a downstairs living space. These pictures show how the basement looks right now, before we get into the renovations.

Basement Remodeling
Basement stairwell remodel
basement window remodel
basement storage area
basement open area
new room installation
more basement storage
Basement Remodeling Basement stairwell remodel basement window remodel basement storage area basement open area new room installation more basement storage

For this home we’ve designed the layout for the new basement. It’s going to be a completely different place when we’re finished in about a month! We will separating the space by adding three new rooms, including a storage area, a bedroom and a bathroom.

In the bedroom, we are planning to install an egress window directly in the foundation for safety and to allow light. The homeowner will also have us install a bar area with custom-made cabinetry. We will open up the area where the stairwell enters the basement, giving the whole space a more open feel and bringing the basement closer to the rest of the home.

Check back to see what the house looks through every step of the process, we’ll be posting new pictures as we finish various portions of the basement. Head over to Facebook to see some of our other work and the latest project updates as they happen.

Three Basement Remodeling Tips

Tired of only having a concrete floor, wood rafters and a dangling lightbulb adorning your basement? It’s sad, we know, but look at it as an opportunity. Step One: figure out what you actually want to do with the space.

Basements are great places to have playrooms, yoga studios, fitness rooms, movie theaters, offices, bars, bedrooms, mancaves, pool rooms and so many more. Knowing why you’re getting the remodel is better than a general use conversion because it adds more value to your home and, when you do decide later that you want something in-home in that space, you don’t have to call the contractor back for a second time to undo work he already did. Of course, there is value in just converting the basement into another comfortable, general use space, but converting it with specific purposes in mind will make your home more livable and save you money in the long run.

Got an idea of what you want? Great, now here are some ideas to make it better than you thought!

Add A Hidden Room

basement remodeling hidden room

YUP! Hidden rooms are a crazy cool way to upgrade your home, and if you’re feeling really inspired, there’s definitely a way to make it so that one of those books is connected to the latch for the door. These can be great places for extra storage, private space, offices or to add a real kick when hosting a Sherlock Holmsian murder-mystery dinner.

Get the Details Right

home remodeling basement floor lighting

The devil’s in the details, right? Lighting affects mood and sets the tone for the space. These baseboard lights are a super cool alternative to the traditional nightlight. They actually work well just about anywhere in the home, but they’re perfect for a basement movie theater.

Add A Bathroom

If people are going to use the space, don’t make them trek up the stairs to use the restroom. Adding a bathroom in the basement is a great way to make the space ideal for both entertaining and living.

Make it awesome, make it yours and give it a purpose! Happy remodeling!

Kansas City Deck Builders Don’t Stop for Winter

Kansas City’s deck builders don’t quit just because it’s getting cool out again!

While decks seem like the place to be during the warmer months, people forget that the winter months are the best time of year to have a deck built. Firstly, because winter is a slower time of year for most Kansas City deck builders, we can usually complete your build on a schedule that works best for you. Unlike during the summer, you’re not missing out on time you could have spent outdoors while the construction is under way.


We honestly don’t mind working when it’s cold out! We generally complete builds more quickly during fall and even in wintertime. When it’s cool outside our crew can work harder, take fewer breaks and finish more projects ahead of schedule because they don’t have to contend with the blistering heat! Building the best Kansas City decks takes a lot of energy, and the wintertime is a much-welcomed reprieve from the usual summer build season.

Even if you’re not ready to actually have a deck built yet, it’s also a great time to get a plan in place for what you want. One factor that causes us the most delays is last-minute changes to designs. We build custom Kansas City decks, and that means we have to make sure every piece is ordered and delivered before we can finish the build. The more advance notice you can provide in terms of what you want built and which materials you plan to use, the more time we have to make sure it’s ordered and delivered on time.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact just because it’s fall or winter! We build decks throughout the entire year and yours can be next. Having it built during the time that you might least want to use it, actually makes the most sense. We will help you plan your build, pick out the right materials and get it done on time and within your budget. Call and save us from having to work when it’s swelteringly hot out, get a new deck this winter!

Fast, Efficient Olathe Deck Builder

We like to keep things simple at Alexander Homes. The simple beauty of outdoor spaces, the simple pleasure of spending time with your family and friends and the simplicity of having an Olathe deck builder expand your home to include the outdoors!

With a simple call, we’ll come to your home and show you all the possibilities – from simple to complex, we take care of all the logistics and leave you to think about the deck you’ve always wanted. This means that we work together to fit your schedule and make sure the install is as unobtrusive as possible.

Depending on the complexity of the project and your needs, we can have the install completed in just a couple of days. We can also special order any pieces that you think will add to the charm of the deck, like these aluminum deck rods. We are the Olathe deck builder that knows how to do the job quickly and just how you like.

aluminum railings olathe deck builders

Getting started with Alexander is easy too, one call is all it takes for us to come out and inspect your home and any current installations. From here, listen to what you want, how you plan to use the deck and if you’d like any current installation upgraded. Once we’ve got your input, we formulate a plan that works in your situation. We give you a proposal with each possible deck type that we recommend from our years of Olathe deck building experience and that includes the features you specified in our initial consultation.

All you have to do is approve the plan! Once approved, we take care of everything from planning through to cleanup. Our team builds your deck as per the plan and you’re happily enjoying a new deck in short order.

It’s about keeping it simple for you. Our job is to know our industry and be the Olathe deck builder that keeps you from having to micromanage anything. When we build your deck, your only job is to look forward to, and enjoy, the finished product!

Lee’s Summit Deck Builders Add to Home Value

A question we often get is about the value of adding a deck onto a home. While a deck is certainly a big investment, does that investment pay for itself in the long run when you want to sell the house?

This is actually a tricky questions to answer. Your Lee’s Summit deck builder will certainly plan to build you something that you can enjoy for years to come, but in a lot of cases it comes down to what type of neighborhood you plan to build.

If none of the neighboring houses have a deck, it can really make a home stand apart from the others. Not only does a lee’s summit deck provide an outdoor gathering space, but it can be one of the most beautiful things about the home. In this case, it certainly adds a level of appeal that can’t be matched by neighboring homes. On the flip side of this, if a house is located in a neighborhood where nearly every home has a deck and a house doesn’t, that house is actually likely to lose some of it’s intrinsic value.

A bigger, nicer deck can also add to the curb appeal of a given home, it may be the thing that gets people interested in taking a look at one house over another. Generally speaking, while the buying decision isn’t made on the basis of the deck alone, it certainly can play a significant role in influencing the final decision.

lee's summit deck builders

The actual value of a home usually increases by about what was actually spent on the deck (less depreciation). This makes a deck a reasonable investment no matter what kind of home you have. But really, the biggest reason you should consider getting a deck is because you want to create an outdoor space, a place to wow guests and enjoy every day.

If you love your deck, it will show through in the value of your home, and since it adds most of its value directly on to the value of the home there’s no good reason not to get one! Contact your Lee’s Summit deck builders, Alexander Decks, if you’re interested in increasing your home’s value and creating a space that the whole family can enjoy.

Olathe Deck Builders Using Rain-Out Under Deck Ceilings

One of the more popular trends in home building right now is to include a walk-out basement underneath a deck. This effectively doubles the amount of outdoor space homeowners can use, and can create spaces that are perfect for hosting parties or just for getting out of the elements. But how do you stay dry on the underside of a deck when it’s raining?
Olathe Deck Builders Under Deck Ceilings
The best Olathe deck builders are now using under deck ceilings to transform outdoor patios into outdoor living spaces that are usable even during inclement weather. Alexander Decks uses locally owned and produced Rain-Out brand under deck ceilings for two reasons: we like to keep it local and the special rainwater drainage system built into the ceilings.

Normally, rainwater drips down between the cracks in the deck boards. The Rain-Out system features powder-coated interlocking aluminum ceiling planks that catch the rain as it falls and directs it to an in-deck gutter system and downspout. The result is a dry outdoor space no matter the weather on the topside of your Olathe deck.

Powder coating is a special process that is much more beautiful, reliable and durable than painting or similar exterior coatings. Instead of applying a coating of liquid material that binds to the surface of another material (like paint on wood), the powder coating is applied as a solid powder. It is sprayed onto the surface of an object and holds onto the metal electromagnetically until it is heated to it’s melting and curing points, near 400º F. It can only be removed using specialized techniques and dangerous chemicals. Water, for example, will have no impact on its durability.

Olathe deck builders know how tough the region’s weather can be on all decks. That’s why Alexander Decks uses the Rain-Out system to ensure the long life and unmatched durability.

Shawnee Deck Builders Using Unique Features

If you want to have the coolest Shawnee deck, you need to step your game up a notch and add on some accents or features. These can be as simple as lighting features, or as complex as full jacuzzis.

Great Shawnee decks are both beautiful and feature rich. When you’re putting together your idea for how you want your deck to look you should consider more than just the bare materials and the coating, how can you add something that makes yours totally unique? Shawnee deck builders are offering more and more options to choose from, and we can accommodate all types of requests.

Adding a screen around your deck, or even part of your deck, makes it shadier during the warm summer months when you want to be outside. During inclement weather, you can still your screen in porch when it’s warm and save yourself the hassle of having to shovel your deck when it snows. Plus, when your deck is covered you can also install lighting, sound systems and overhead fans to keep it cool and well-ventilated.

Think about the kinds of experiences you want to enjoy and that you want to create around you, think about the kinds of people you are going to invite into the space. Maybe a pergola or a spiral staircase would create the tone you seek, and a sounds system can always help set the tone for a barbecue or a relaxing evening with your partner.

Even if you haven’t figured out exactly what you need, or you think you need to talk to some Shawnee deck builders to get a better idea, get in touch with Alexander Homes. We build beautiful, unique decks throughout the Kansas City area that are designed to make your dream of a perfect home much more complete. If you’re thinking about building or refurbishing a deck, talk to the guys with the best warranty in the KC metro, Alexander Homes!

Liberty Deck Builders and Warranties

Getting a new deck shouldn’t be risky. If your Liberty deck builder doesn’t offer a warranty, think twice before you hire them!

It seems like a no-brainer, when you buy something new, you expect a period of time where the product should be free of defects. But so many Liberty deck builders either don’t offer, or only offer short term warranties on their work beyond completion of the construction period. A short-term warranty is not good enough when you’re talking about a capital investment like a new Liberty deck! It doesn’t give you the time you need to make sure that the deck isn’t sinking, that screws aren’t popping out and that harder to detect damage isn’t taking place!

Alexander offers a two year warranty on every new deck. This warranties against workmanship and construction defects that cause things like loose boards, loose railings and sinking posts. When you go with Alexander, you’re getting one of the best decks in the Liberty area, and one of the best guarantees in the business.

Getting a deck installed in not only a big investment, it can also be distractingly loud as it’s installed and messy. Picking a company that guarantees its work for two years means that you’re getting a deck care partner, a team that wants to work with you for the health and beauty of your home. We take extra care to accommodate your needs, because we plan to work with you again – wether it’s on your next home remodel, or just to answer your questions and help you maintain your new deck.

Our Liberty deck builders work throughout the Kansas City metro area, and offer our guarantee whenever we provide a service or build a deck. Go with people you can trust (just ask us for our references), and who provide the best guarantee around!

Planning with Leawood Deck Builders

Leadwood deck builders know that decks are built only when homeowners have a plan. Adding on a deck to a home is an investment and should ultimately be treated as a part of a home remodel.

Planning should start a few months before you want to have the deck built, and there are a few basic considerations every homeowner should make before proceeding. First, what’s the purpose of the space? This seems like an obvious question, but there are so many things you can do with a deck that it’s actually kind of tricky. Do you want to be in the sunshine, or do you prefer a screened-in porch, or even a combination of the two? Do you want lighting or even a hot tub installed? How large do you want the deck to be and how much space do you have?

Once you’ve answered some of the basics, getting in touch with a trusted Leawood deck builder like Alexander Homes is the next step. Together we will build a plan and turn your ideas into a vision. We take measurements and sketch out what the deck is going to look like and get your approval. Once you’re satisfied with the plan, we set a date to start the build.

Planning earlier in the year is always a good bet, it gives you time to prepare for the build and allows us to schedule for the time that suits your needs, be that in early spring so it’s ready for the warm sunny months ahead or in the summer during a time when you’re out of town so you don’t have to deal with construction workers and noise.

When Alexander Homes has a plan in place, our Leawood deck builders finish the build in about a week. Give us a call and one of our planning specialists will visit your home and help you get a plan in place to build or remodel your deck!

We are very pleased with Alexander Homes. They did a great job and were very professional!
~ Pat and Rebeca, Olathe

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